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Contender (45 days)

Contender bush bean is our #1 selling bean for three years running now. There is a good reason for that--taste and reliability.

Contender is an early bush bean, that is reliable, heavy yielding, and considered by many to be the earliest producing bean at an amazing 40-45 days!

Contender bean is perfect for short, cool seasons where other beans may not perform well. This bean is mildew tolerant and still does well in hot weather.

Contender bean pods are 6" long, stringless, medium-sized, and slightly curved. Plants grow 12-22" tall. Contender beans are excellent straight from your garden or cooked.

***In our taste test people said contender was milder in flavor compared to some other bush beans, but much more tender making it perfect for stir-frys or fresh in salads.

The Texas Gardener Magazine says about Contender been seeds...

"The most common type in our Texas gardens is the standard round-podded types. One that is an old standard with Texas gardeners is ‘Contender.’ This bean consistently produces nice crops of good quality pods and does well in many different soils and climates. I have conducted trials for a number of years and although ‘Contender’ has never been the winner in productivity, it was always in the top group."

Contender Beans are recommended by the Following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region. CA, FL, TX

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So far so good. Very healthy plants so production should be really good.

Contender Bush Beans

Thank you for the prompt and free shipping!

Contender Bush ben purchase review

It's been really cold and rainy this year in Central Alabama, so planting has not been done...yet! I am sure I will appreciate their quality though. Thanks for asking!