Organic Czech's Bush Tomato Seeds


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organic tom thumb pea seedsOrganic Czech's Bush Tomato Seeds (66 days)

~25 seeds per packet


Originated with Milan Sodomka of Czechoslovakia

Extremely productive tomato that produces gobs of fruit on a short, sturdy bush.

Determinate, but may need a small stake due to the sheer mass of fruit.

4-8 oz red fruit born in clusters.

Nice slicer or salad tomato.

Comes on early and produces steady all through the season with a final burst at the end.

Excellent for those short on space or planting on the patio.

Made the top 5 of our 2009 tomato trials where we tested 150 varities for producton in a small space.

More productive than Extreme Bush.

The only thing that comes close in production on a small plant is Forest Fire.

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orgnic czech bush tomato

they were sowed indoors on the 1st of april they germinated successfully, they were planted out, in large containers on the 1st of may ...too much rain, yet they seem ok will let you in july when they will fruit hoping the rest of may will be sunnier and of course june and july will be typical ,yet we have had torrential rains in june and july .