Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli


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Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli (59 days)

Purple sprouting broccoli is an old English type broccoli.

Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli is not only a colorful addition to salads, but it is very flavorful. We slightly cook them in the microwave and toss them in salads.

I was stunned at the size of this particular strain when I went to see it in our grower's field. It was huge, about 3' tall and FULL of large purple side shoots.

This is a fall planted heirloom broccoli that is not ready for harvest till spring. Will not produce side shoots until it over winters, but then look out because you will get a great supply of purple shoots. Remember to keep them harvested.

Very frost hardy purple broccoli. We also eat the leaves over the winter when healthy greens are so hard to find. Just thinly slice them and sautee with garlic, olive oil, a little salt and add a touch of balsamic when removed from the stove. What an amazing addition of color to your garden and a great use of space over winter when most gardens sit empty.

I've heard a few less experienced gardeners complain about the size of this purple broccoli compared to the number of side shoots. I don't find this to be true because we don't grow this broccoli just for its purple heads, but for its leaves as well. It provides a great source of healthy greens to our family and the farm animals when everything else is dead. It also starts heading out well before any traditional heading broccoli could be harvested because it is already established.

Sustainability is about learning to use many types of plants during different times of the year to provide the nutrition your family and farm needs. We do not live in a mono culture and any successful farm or garden shouldn't be planted as one. A great example is last year when we got a very late frost that killed most heading broccoli, but purple sprouting and romanesco were unharmed. Our planet is changing. Learn to diversify your plantings and you will succeed when others fail.

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Great Germination!

I sowed the seeds for my fall planting of purple sprouting broccoli a little over a week ago. Got over 90% germination. I'm really looking forward to the harvest. I LOVE broccoli!