Early Xtra-Sweet Hybrid Corn


Zea mays

Early Xtra-Sweet Hybrid Corn (71 days)


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(sh2) This is one of the first supersweet varities ever offered and a super popular 1971 AAS winner.
The kernels are golden yellow and super sweet.
Supersweet corns can be twice as sweet as other sweet corns and can stay that way for days in refrigeration if chilled promptly after picking.
Xtra Early Sweet produces 8-9" ears filled from tip to tip with 12 to 16 rows of heavenly flavor.
So lucisiously sweet it feels sinful poping each kernel in your mouth!
Sturdy stalks reach 5-6 foot and its ready to harvest 2 weeks earlier than most varities.
For best taste, isolate from non-Sh kinds to stop cross-pollination.
Great for fresh eating and freezing as well. Try a corn cob cutter to make taking the kernels off for freezing a breeze.

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Fast and Sweet

These were fast growing. I may have time for another crop! Self pollinating. The corn cobs were full length, about 8" to 10" each. Up to 3 cobs on each plant, I could afford to loose a few. The corn was very sweet! I would eat fresh from the garden sometimes.
Beware of insects. Worms, roaches and ants were my biggest problems.