Green Arrow Pea


Green Arrow (68 days)

Hails from England and has been a gourmet variety in the EU for years.

It is a heavy yielding shelling pea providing loads of peas for fresh or canned use.

Green Arrow grows 24 to 30 inches tall and has 4 to 5 inch pods, each packed with 8 to 11 petite, emerald green peas.

Resists wilt and mildew.

Remember peas like things cool so plant them as early as the soil can be worked.

Perfect for canning.

TIP Instead of building a trellis this year for your peas which cost money and uses valuable resources, try planting Cayuse oats instead as a trellis. This will not only produce oats and build biomass in your garden, but it will give your peas something to climb on. Cayuse grows 6' tall and will make an excellent living trellis. Almost like the Indians using corn as a trellis for beans!

Recommended by the Following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region . CA, FL, OR, TX

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Our favorite shelling pea

Green Arrow produced a bumper crop of sweet, tender and delicious peas here in Zone 8b (NW Arizona at an elevation of 3750'). It tends to get hot quickly here so I wanted a shell pea that could produce a decent crop before the heat set in. This one did the trick and is now ranked beside Mammoth Melting Snow pea as our favorite. With 7-9 peas per pod and decent heat and wilt tolerance it has joined the ranks of our plant-them-twice-a-year crops.