Giant Nobel Spinach


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Spinacia oleracea
Giant Nobel Spinach (48 days)

Seed Package Contains 4 grams or approx. 350 seeds

all american selection winner

Introduced in the 1920s this has remained a popular spinach for some time now. Which is saying something.

Giant Nobel spinach is extremely large and has a spreading in habit. Mmmm could that be where it's name came from??? OK, for a spinach it is big! That means easy picking and cleaning. You know, getting that pesky sand off those leaves? It is a breeze with such big leaves.

Giant Nobel is a slow bolt spinach. Plant it in late spring for heavy yields of giant, thick, dark green leaves.

Excellent variety for canning or freezing. The big thick leaves hold up well.
FACT: The 1985 Seed Savers inventory listed spinach 72 varieties. That same inventory in 2009 listed only 21 varieties! This is why seed saving is so important. We are losing our food heritage literally! The more varieties, the greater number of genes that can carry resistance to disease and things yet unseen. Please learn to save seed.

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Hearty producer

We planted this spinach in 2017 and had a lovely crop in no time at all. It was delicious! Planted again in 2018, and within 1 month I was able to harvest the immature leaves for salads. I highly recommend these seeds.