Florence Fennel


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Fennel Finocchio Romanesco or "Florence Fennel"

1 g (~300 seeds)

Sustainably Grown

Florence Fennel prized for it's feathery leaves.

It forms a small 3-4" bulb at the base of the plant that is harvested and eaten like a vegetable if harvested early.

The plant itself only grows 2-3 ft tall, which makes it an ideal candidate for smaller gardens.

Excellent fennel soup (see pic).

The yellow flowers of fennel are extremely attractive to all nectar-feeding beneficial insects. Ladybugs, lacewings, and syrphid flies will often be found hovering around the flowers or laying their eggs in the foliage. If you see large, black & green caterpillars on your fennel, don't be alarmed. Fennel is also a host plant for swallow butterfly caterpillars.

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great germination, quick growth

Very nice fennel. great germination. I started them in peat pots and then transplanted to the garden. very rapid growth, ready for consumption in a month after transplantation. nice flavor. Very large feathery leaves add nice variation to salads.