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Honey Bee Flower Mix

Packet contains 2 grams, sows 25 square feet.

This mix of annual and perennial flowers will provide favored forage for honeybees throughout the growing season, and is just plain beautiful. Use in garden beds, borders and row ends in your vegetable garden!

Our Honey Bee Flower Mix includes:

Blanketflower, California Poppy, Cape Forget-Me-Not, China Aster, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Corn Poppy, French Marigold, Lacy Phacelia, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, New England Aster, Prairie Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Scarlet Cinquefoil, Siberian Wallflower, Sulphur Cosmos, Sweet Mignonette and White Upland Aster.

Growing Information

Type: Annual and perennial

Seed Depth: 1/4 inch

Height: Various

Light: Full sun

Water: Dry/Moderate

Soil: Well-drained, reasonably rich

USDA Zone: 3-10

Optimal soil temp for germination: Start when soil is still cool, right after last frost date

When to sow: Direct sow every 2 weeks or so from last frost until mid June.

Blooming period: Summer to fall.

Coverage: Sow at 6-12 pounds per acre. One ounce covers 250 square feet.

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This mix grew a beautiful bee garden in a spring. Easy and so pretty. Love it!