Japan 8 Tobacco


Japan 8 is a very sweet dark oriental tobacco with low nicotine content.

It is a compact shrub reaching 6' in height with long narrow leaves.

The leaves average 8"-10" long and 29" to 24" long.

Plants average 28 harvestable leaves.

It can be air cures or sun cured.

It is excellent as a blend for cigarettes or pipes.

Air cured leaves are a deep brown and produce a mild smoke with a licorice like flavor.

The flowers are a creamy white with maturity at about 65 days.

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Great little seeds :3

Got this seed packet back when I ordered some tobacco for a different climate. It was expired but I am glad they sent it to me. Because the seeds I thought would work didn't, as it wasn't the right climate. However these ones worked perfectly, and thrived well. I got 6 tall plants and they even flowered.