Jericho Lettuce Seeds


Jericho Lettuce Seeds (26 days baby--56 full size)

Silky smooth neon green romaine leaves reach for the sky in this amazing lettuce with orignins in the desert.

Jericho hails from Israel and is no stranger to the heat.

That means this romaine is extremely bolt resistant remaining sweet, tender and crisp under the early summer sun.

Tolerance to tip burn, dowy mildew and powdery mildew.

As with many romaines Jericho is a cut and come again variety.

This was our best seller at Farmers Market and it stood up to market conditions without wilting.

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jericho seeds

sorry to say but planted a bunch of these in containers, 1/4 inch deep in 70 degree controlled environment and got about 5 % germination. not so good.

Jericho lettuce

While having grown Jericho lettuce for 5-6 years, we had to find a new source. First planting in our greenhouse is nearly ready to harvest. This is good as it coincides with the CDC recommending all romaine purchased commercially be tossed (AZ grown, E coli issues). We are not tossing our homegrown! Best Romaine we've ever found, and enjoy it year around thanks to our greenhouse. Though we do prefer the taste when grown outdoors in our garden.

Jericho lettuce

Have grown Jericho from Sustainable Seed for a few years and it's one of the best. Holds up pretty well in our harsh, hot late Springs and early summers (til July 1st). It's a sweet and crunchy romaine that we generally pick as a "cut and come again" before the heads form.