Moon & Stars Yellow Flesh Watermelon


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Citrullus lanatus

Moon & Stars Yellow Flesh Watermelon (90-95 days)


First mentioned around 1900, but probably much older.

This watermelon is a family heirloom from Georgia, although it was said that this melon was routinely brought to the Southern United States from Bermuda around Christmas time.

Watermelons are indigenous to Africa and followed the slave trade throughout the world. Bermuda was no exception.

I suspect someone in Georgia decided they didn't want to wait for Christmas to get their next yellow flesh and started growing them.

However this rare yellow fleshed mellow got here, it has been a favorite ever since.

Deep green skin with the classic moon and stars pattern.

Reaches 20-25 pounds.

Excellent flavor, but not as sweet as the pink fleshed variety.

White seeded.

Some disease resistance and drought tolerance.

Very rare.

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Growing Well I'm Trying To Be Patient

The seeds arrived earlier than promised and I began germinating them right away. I planted the sprouts in my garden and they grew fast. I now have multiple small fruits and can't wait until they mature next month. So far, I am very pleased.