Mortgage Lifter Tomato Seeds


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Mortgage Lifter Tomato Seeds (82 days)


Approx. 25 heirloom tomato seeds

Indeterminate vines with regular leaves.

This is an heirloom tomato with a history to say the least! M.C. Byles (aka Radiator Charlie for the radiator business he ran) of Logan, West Virginia created this now legendary tomato by cross-breeding German Johnson, Beefsteak, English and Italian tomato varieties. Charlie had no formal plant breeding experience, just a determination to create the perfect tomato. After six years he succeeded! A tomato like that was hard to keep a secret and soon he was selling the plants for $1 each. Every spring people would drive from miles around to buy Charlie's heirloom tomato plants and it is said (now tomato legend) he paid his mortgage off in six years!

Fruits are 1 pound or larger and borne in clusters of 2-3. The taste is sweet, yet rich and full bodied. Very few seeds.

California Grown Heirloom Tomato Seeds

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100% Satisfied

Key received,immediately planted, healthy plants on the way.

Morgage Lifter germination

Timely arrival from Sustainable Seed Co. and in 4 or 5 days after planting they were emerging and now going strong with 2nd set of leaves.