Muncher Burpless Cucumber Seeds


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Muncher Burpless Cucumber Seeds (58 days)

Do you love cucumbers, but can't stand the indigestion that comes later with some varieties? Look no further!

This is exactly what Muncher Burpless was developed for.

Enjoy cool, crisp cucumbers without the aftermath.

Muncher has white spines, averages 5-6" long and 2" in width. This Cucmber has vigorous vines.

Excellent with balsamic, in salads or even makes a good pickle.

Good producer.

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Sustainable Seed Company

So glad they started putting some of thier seed items on Amazon. Really hard to find good seed like they have
locally. I like to use Amazon for my purchases because I am a Prime member and I can place an order without
any hassle. I have had really good luck with the muncher seeds and thier 'Truckers Favorite' corn seed also.
I had some health issues and not much garden in the last couple of years but I have bought some more muncher
and Truckers favorite corn seed and will give it a try again this year.