Ol Zebs Pumpkin Seeds


Cucurbita pepo

Ol Zebs Pumpkin Seeds (105 days)


4 gram seed packet.


Ol Zeb's is a great old heirloom variety pumpkin that is perfect for baking or carving.

Pumpkins are a bright orange color and can reach up to 30 pounds.

Deeply ribbed. Nice stem handle.

Very prolific. Make sure they have plenty of room.

Shows powdery mildew resistance.

Not an easy variety to find anymore.

farmer john's favorite

Farmer John's Favorite Pumpkin for Decoration

I think this is the most classicly shaped heirloom pumpkin for decoration. It has such a rich rust-orange color, contrasting sea-green long stems and deep well prenounced ribs. The color is unlike any other pumpkin and the skin has a shiny coating. They are tall and well shaped the way you would want a pumpkin to look. Most of the pumpkins are 20# plus in good soil. Ol Zeb's makes an incredible dislplay in mass. Perfect for attracting attention to fruit stands, wineries or any business.

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Excellent plants so far!

I purchased about 900 seeds this spring and have them all planted in our new pumpkin patch. So far the germination rates have been well above 85% and all the plants are healthy and putting on their first sets of fruit. Can't wait to see 1000 pumpkins in the patch! I have a video series on preparing, planting, and caring for the pumpkins here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL3IEVIDKMm58PWYASsGLeU1SHb_JDRy2