Organic Black Krim Tomato Seeds


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Organic Black Krim Tomato Seeds (75 days)

Approx. 25 heirloom seeds

Indeterminate. Regular leaf foliage. First off this is a terrible photo, but I can't find the other ones I took. Occasionally heirlooms will throw funny shapes and that is why I took this photo.

Black Krim makes its way to us from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula.

Black Krim produces beefsteak tomatoes that are 4' long by 5 1/2" wide. Deeply mahogany colored, slighlty flattened with green gel coats.

As for taste...I think Amy Goldman in her book The Heirloom Tomato says it best..."The flavor is exotic and musky; the fruit acid hits me in the roof of my mouth and tickles my tongue. Others describe Black Krim as very intense, smoky or salty."

Recommended by the Following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region . TX

California Grown Heirloom Seed
Black Krim is on the cusp of being an early mid season variety. It produces high yields and seems to have little problem with our cool nights. No surprise since it is from the Black Sea region of Russia.

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