Organic Cow's Horn Okra Seeds


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organic okra seedAbelmoschus esculentus

Organic Cow's Horn Okra Seeds (55 days)


This heirloom okra dates back to around the Civil War.

It has a twisted shape that resembles a cow's horn.

These large pods can reach 14" and still stay crunchy, meaty and flavorful.

Cow's Horn still has that true okra flavor that has been bred out of many okra.

This is the reason heirlooms are so popular these days.

People are tired of tasteless food.

Best picked when 6-7" for fried okra. Longer pods are perfect for gumbo.

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The best OKRA!

This okra does not grow fast, with part-time job I can gather it every 3 or 4 days with no problem. I have gathered over 6 bushels from my 4 row 275 steps long. It has gotten the best compliments from all my friends. I will have all the way up Fall. It is planted in dry land garden with lots of sun.