Organic Dragon Tongue Mustard Seeds


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organic mustard seedOrganic Dragon Tongue Mustard Seeds

1g or about 250 mustard seeds

Absolutely one of the most stunning red mustards for a salad mix you will find.

Fluorescent green leaves are highlighted by electric purple edges.

Dragon Tongue Mustard has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy so hard to find in mustard.

Slow to bolt.

This is another Frank Morton creation, and we love it.

Frank says it is his farm favorite as well.

We are sure you will add this to your garden every year.

Makes a great stir-fry as well.

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Beautiful and Delicious!

I was turned onto mustard greens several years back, so have tried several varieties looking for the one that will grow the best at my altitude (6800') and for my particular gardening needs. My home is in the mountains of southern NM and gardening here is a challenge, if not down right difficult. Of all of the varieties of mustard I've tried, the Dragon's Tongue has always performed the best, dancing circles around the other strains. It also adds a lovely spot of color in the garden, because it is so beautiful. This is my 3rd year of growing Dragon's Tongue and I've decided that this is the only mustard I will grow from now on. I'm done trying other varieties. All of that being said... the flavor of this mustard is outstanding, IMHO, compared to the rest of the mustards I've tried. It's great in salads, not only adding a beautiful splash of color, but also adding a spicy little kick to every bite. As well, as a cooked potherb, it can't be beat! Personally, I give Dragon's Tongue 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone looking to grow mustard greens.

So far so good!

I'm just getting my garden things together and I'm so excited to try all the new seeds I got! Everything from ordering to shipping to packaging has made me a happy customer. I'll be ordering again as I assume all my seeds will grow just fine!