Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon Seeds


organic chioggia beetsCitrullus lanatus.
Sugar Baby (70 days)

2 gram seed package/about 40 seeds

This is just about the earliest watermelon you are going to find. Bred to fit right inside your frig or ice chest, this watermelon is only 6-10 pounds of bright red sweet fruit. I'm hungry already! Not only is it the perfect size, but the rind is tough enough to toss this sweet Baby on ice and head to the river!

Extremely productive plant, turning out loads of sweet, small organic melons perfect for the family of four. This is the small gardener's dream! Whereas most melons take up lots of space for just a few melons, this Sugar Baby will give you loads of fruit in a small space.

Featured in the book Melons for the Passionate Grower

Emille from the Conscious Kitchen says....
"I'm sure there are other varieties of watermelon that are still perfect at their prime, but I have not experienced such watermelon paradise as cracking open the small dark green round sugarbaby and digging in to its sweet crush of fruit ever in my life."

Some of the first watermelons in the U.S. were "officially" documented in 1629 in Massachusetts. Being good Southern boys and always having watermelons at hand, but no sugar, the Confederate soldiers boiled watermelon to make sweet molasses for cooking.

Learn how to make WATERMELON SALSA! Page 18 of Salsas for only $3.99

California Master Gardener handbook recommends this variety for California.

Recommended by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. "These seed varieties have been tested and proven resilient in the Florida backyard garden."

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this was a troupe. there were many obstacles like no water the dogs and it still produced. very sweet


Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon Seeds