Prizehead Lettuce Seed


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Lactuca sativa
Prizehead Lettuce Seed (45 days)

First catalog entry I can find for "Prizehead" seems to be around 1889 in Maule's Seed catalog. It may be older, but seems to be carried by most major seed companies after this time.

Prizehead produces luscious heads of green lettuce with outer leaves that are loose and curled. The inner leaves are lime green and the outer fringed leaf tips are purple to bronze. Prizehead is perfect for salads and garnishes.

Exceedingly crisp, sweet and tender. A perfect salad lettuce for the home gardener that is slow to bolt. There is a reason this lettuce survived over 130 years and is still around. People like it and keep growing it!

Recommended as a excellent lettuce for hydroponic growing.

1918 Alneer Brothers Seed Company Catalog says about Prizehead lettuce...
"An excellent sort; forms a mammoth plant in which the outer leaves are crisp and tender and remain so through out the season."

1933 R.H. Shumway Seed Catalog says about Prizehead lettuce...
"An old standard loose-leaf type that has always been a great favorite with the home gardener because of its quick growth and easy culture. The leaves are large and finely crumpled and fringed; outside they are green touched with red, inside a light green. The inner leaves especially are brittle, tender and sweet. the heads are medium-large adn yield a good supply of lettuce.

Recommended by the Following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region . OR, TX

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Prizehead Lettuce

I have not had time yet to plant and harvest Prizehead Lettuce from your seed.
I have moved to The Dalles, Oregon, and will be sowing some of the seed in a large container this week. This variety has been my favorite looseleaf lettuce for many years. This is the first time I have ordered the seed from you, and am interested to see if there is any difference in the strain you offer and the one from my old seed supplier.