Texas Seed Collection, 25 Varieties, 5800+ Non GMO Garden Seeds

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You have been asking us for a collection like this for years!  We have listened! So here it is, a wonderful collection of heirloom vegetable/herb varieties. All recommended by Texas A&M University based solely on Texas' diverse regions.  While the entire collection is recommended for growing in Texas, the package illustrates which specific varieties are recommended for each growing region.  If you live in Texas and are looking to start a vegetable garden this takes all the guesswork out of it!  

You get over 5,800 Seeds!  This Collection Includes ...
Bean: Kentucky Wonder Pole (Also known as "Texas Homestead")
Beet: Detroit Dark Red
Cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield
Carrot: Red Cored
Collards: Georgia Southern
Corn: Kandy Korn
Cucumber: Straight 8
Eggplant: Black Beauty
Kale: Dwarf Blue Curled
Leek: American Flag
Lettuce: Buttercrunch
Melon: Tam Dew (Texas A&M developed)
Mustard: Tendergreen
Okra: Clemson Spineless
Onion: Texas Early Grano (Texas A&M developed)
Onion: Evergreen White Bunching
Herb: Parsley Giant Dark green
Herb: Dill, Boquet
Squash: Early Prolific
Pea: Wando
Pepper: Jalapeno Tam (Texas A&M developed)
Pumpkin: Small Sugar
Radish: Cherry Belle
Tomato: F1 Supersweet 100 cherry 
Watermelon: Sugar Baby

Also, included is a 48-page book!  This book will teach you how to plant your seeds, grow, harvest, including planting charts.  FAQs and even how to save seed from your non-GMO plants.  Also has an entire chapter devoted to SURVIVAL GARDENING! 

Add all these seeds up for what they selling individually here for and the total comes to $63.25

Plus the Book at $3.99.  That is a TOTAL OF $67.24 !!!

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Texas Seed colection

The selections are awesome. So far every seed has come up. Very good varieties for Texas. Garden all-in-one. Love it.