Truckers Favorite Yellow Corn Seeds


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Zea mays

Truckers Favorite Yellow Corn Seeds (70--85 days)


T.W. Wood & Sons Seed Co. claims to have introduced Truckers Favorite.

This is an early maturing yellow strain. Very impressive at 70 days!

A dent corn that grows 6-9' in height.

Ears are 8-12" and have 12-14 rows on a red cob.

Excellent for early planting.

1938 T.W. Woods Seed Co. says about Truckers Favorite Heirloom Corn....

"There is no early garden corn so extensively grown in the South as Trucker's Favorite corn. It is much hardier than any sugar corn and can be planted weeks earlier, and is ready for the table or market in about 70 days. Although not a sugar corn, it makes the finest roasting ears."

There are many uses for dent corns like: Hominy, masa harina (what tamales or chips are made out of), Posole, Corn Bread, Corn Muffins, Hush Puppies, Corn Fritters, Grits, and Corn Soup just to name a few!

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